English teacher jobs
in the Czech Republic

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Teaching jobs for english language teachers
available in the Czech Republic

If you are an english language teacher and are looking for work
teaching english in the Czech Republic, feel free to contact us.

We have teaching english and english teacher jobs
throughout the Czech Republic.

We assists english teachers interested in teaching English in
the Czech Republic in finding teaching jobs in / at:
Czech private language schools,
Czech primary and secondary state schools,
Czech universities
... and also teaching business and technical
english to Czech companies. [ very profitable]


English teachers in the Czech republic qualifications:
Professional english language teachers are preferred,
but we also have english teaching jobs for mother tongue
english speakers with no necessary qualifications.

It is however useful to have a college or university-level
degree, preferably in English or in a related field.

Additional qualification in teaching English as a foreign language
such as a TEFL / TESOL certificates would be useful.

Experience in teaching English in a classroom
setting is greatly welcomed.

Teachers from abroad are not expected to speak Czech.
They teach mostly conversation classes, but some schools,
which do not have a Czech teacher of English, may require
their teacher also to teach grammar.


English teachers wages / salaries for the Czech Republic:
English teachers in the Czech Republic can earn an assorted
range of english teaching salaries - which obviously depend
on the type of teaching job:
Teaching english at a local state school
English teaching for a private Czech language school
Director of studies
English language courses for Czech companies
Private tuition etc


How can English teachers in the Czech republic get a work permit ?
For Eu member state citizens - this is not necessary, hence english teachers from the UK, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland etc, do not need a work permit and can be considered the same as Czech language teachers.

Feel free to contact us for exact details about this aspect of working as an english teacher in the Czech Republic.


ESL teachers in the Czech Republic - best hiring season:
Although english teachers can find work throughout the year in the Czech Republic, the main hiring and teacher job availability season is from September to January.

Czech public and private schools, private Czech english language schools, universities and colleges, and private tutoring as well as teaching business english to Czech companies are all good options for the english language teacher looking for teaching work in the Czech Republic.

Teaching english in the Czech Republic, especially outside of Prague
can be more rewarding than most would believe.


Contact us to find work teaching english in the Czech Republic:


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